Our Technology

We have developed our technology with a “both/and” mindset. We believe you can have robust controls and procedures AND have a great customer/merchant experience. The RevaPay Technology does just that. We have streamlined and automated the activities needed to reduce risk and minimize losses while not putting any extra burden on the consumer or merchant. This is FINTECH and REGTECH at its best.


Every detail of every transaction is sent to and validated through RevaPay’s proprietary Blockchain. Leveraging the power of a distributed ledger and smart contracts there is an irrefutable one version of the truth.

Data Security

RevaPay complies with and meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Our cybersecurity leverages 256-bit encryption and adheres to a robust set of policies and procedures related to cybersecurity and backup and recovery.

Closed Loop

RevaPay leverages its own closed loop payment processing system to facilitate all transactions in high-risk businesses or industries. The financial transactions leverages financial tokens marked to the US dollar.

Point of Sale Terminal

Our handheld point of sale terminal provides a tremendous about of flexibility in completing transactions. It integrates with your point of sale (seed to sale) system and links in real-time to external databases for KYC validation and other mandated purpose provides.

Smart Safe

We highly recommend the use of Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers for any high-risk business. The RevaPay Solution integrates with all the major suppliers, but due to the specific nuances of regulated industries we have developed our own proprietary Smart Safe. It provides an extra layer of data collection and audit support.

Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal is an integrated component of the RevaPay Solution. A merchant can view results in near real-time, create reports at the day, week, month, and year level, and provides full audit trails to help meet your compliance needs.

Online Application

To facilitate faster and more efficient onboarding of new merchants, our online application system captures the needed information, supports uploading the required documentation and provides the relevant agreements and disclosures.

Compliance Engine

Our Compliance Engine automates and streamlines these mandated processes. This technology supports Know Your Customer, Know Your Vendor, OFAC, purchase limits, licensing and monitoring. The strength of this technology helps protect the consumer, merchant, suppliers, financial institutions, and states.


The RevaPay Solution leverages APIs to integrate with external systems and to provide our partners the ability to connect seamlessly.

For Merchants, Processors, and Financial Institutions

Increase Revenue | Reduce Risks | Uber Compliance

We open up new revenue streams while at the same time reducing financial and reputational risks.  With RevaPay you have access to robust real-time data, actionable customer insights, enhanced due diligence, the most robust KYC in the industry, improved tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities supporting adherence to state level mandates and regulations all packaged in a consumer- and user-friendly experience. Call or email us today for more information or to setup a demonstration.

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