Our Team

The RevaPay Team is comprised of Fintech/Regtech experts and veterans of the payments, banking and compliance industries.

Our Team

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The RevaPay team has decades of experience bringing new technologies to market, driving growth from early stage ventures to maturity, and engineering some of the most advanced payment and compliance-centric technology solutions available today.

Christian Murray

Founder and CEO of RevaPay

Serial Entrepreneur and Payments Executive with more than 20 years of proven results and success developing, implementing and managing financial services technology and software platforms. Delivering disruptive technologies, strategic planning, and resources to capture accelerated market share under first-mover advantage. Consistently identifying, developing and delivering financial solutions, software, and technologies to meet the needs of emerging industries as well as underserved niches. Special focus toward deploying innovative software and systems that foster rapid growth and profits from emerging and or highly competitive markets.

Bryan Efimov

Founder and Chief Innovator

RevaPay is Bryan’s fifth startup in the FINTECH arena. He is a proven expert in developing innovative technology that has bridged the gap between merchants, payment processors and financial institutions in the areas of compliance, regulations, and risk mitigation. Bryan is also a professionally trained chef.

Don Allen Price

Director of Business Development & Implementation

A thirty-plus year banking and consulting veteran, Don Allen has worked domestically and internationally and is a recognized expert in next generation banking, disruptive fintech, and driving greater earnings. Don Allen most recently served as President and CEO of International Financial Enterprise Bank.

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