about us

We are one of the fastest growing and most innovative
payment processing providers in North America.

Our Mission
Increase Revenue | Reduce Risks | Uber Compliance

To develop and deliver innovative payment technologies to merchants, partner banks and processors in support of emerging and high-risk industries.

What we do?

We bring together all the components required to meet the needs of emerging industries in a structure that is safe, compliant, and transparent designed to seamlessly meet the needs of businesses, regulators, governments and financial institutions.

How did we do this?

How did we do this? We focused on each of the key points in the payment cycle. We analyzed each decision points, impacted party, and the points for weakness, inefficiency and frustration. We then brought together the experts required to design and build a solution that delivers the higher levels of transaction compliance, regulatory adherence, reduced risk. We streamline processes, integrate new technology resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiencies for merchants, financial institutions and processors.

Our Story

Over the last decade the global financial industry has gone through a period of exponential change. This change was driven by the extreme negative customer sentiment extending from the Great Recession, the advancement of mobile technology, blockchain, crypto-currency, advancements in financial and compliance technology (FINTECH and REGTECH) and a new way of thinking driven by the millennial generation.
During this period, our Founders did something unusual – they listened. What they heard was the legacy financial industry does not like change or can’t keep up with the pace of change. The result was new and emerging industries were not able to reach their potential because they could not gain access to financial services.
With a team of payment, banking, compliance and technology experts, RevaPay set out on its mission to build the most robust payment processing and compliance centric solution possible. The result is a solution designed to provide financial institutions with the confidence they are banking the good businesses in high-risk industries, the legal and regulatory agencies with the insight and transparency to prove full compliance with laws, regulations and guidance, and to provide our merchants with safest, most efficient and most comprehensive solution in the market.
Today, RevaPay is fulfilling that mission as an industry leader in providing innovative payment solutions to emerging industries across North America.

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